William Cusick, President
Vox, Inc.

It may sound weird, but I've always been fascinated with the dynamics of the customer relationship. Maybe the seed was planted the first time (out of thousands) when I was ignored for many minutes trying to get somebody, anybody to open the watch display case at the Walgreens when I was a young lad. Who knows?

Prior to founding Vox in early 1997, I spent 11 years (some longer than others) gaining diverse communications and customer relationship expertise at Allstate Insurance Company, where I was charged with running a variety of corporate communications programs, from Customer Communications to Agent Co-op Advertising and Agent Direct Mail. Among other things, I conceived, championed, and implemented a new, more efficient way of communicating with its 40-million customers, dramatically raising the level of relevance and value of interactions with customers, and saving millions of dollars in processing costs at the same time.

While I spent days managing the large Customer Communications unit, I went to law school at night, graduating with honors and successfully passing the bar exam in 1994. Since starting Vox, I've been focused on helping our clients - primarily financial service companies -dramatically improve the value of their relationships with their customers.

Some side notes: This past spring, I completed my first - and maybe my only, we'll see - Boston Marathon (way too hot), though I see myself as more of a hockey player.

In my spare time, I serve on the board for Sarah's Inn - an agency that helps victims of domestic abuse - and try to help coach in the vicious dog-eat-dog world of little girls' t-ball and soccer. I'd coach my sons' teams too, but I think it would be too embarrasing all around.


I shouldn't say "beer" first, so let's go with running, soccer, hockey, reading and listening to music...and beer - good beer, though, I'm not a Phillistine, you know.